Who we are!

GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth

For over 15 years works as regional institution for shaping policies and actions on gender and sustainable development issues (women and youth entrepreneurship, rural development and the environment). It was established in the framework of Stability Pact for South East Europe in Sarajevo in 1999 and since 2001 is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our Mission

GTF acts through international cooperation with various stakeholders from the public sector, institutions, private sector and civil society and through the mutual transfer of knowledge and experiences with these stakeholders in order to create strong networks and platforms that have a similar vision and goals. GTF links policy and practice by creating and implementing social innovation in its projects and activities.

Priorities / Goals

In the next five-year period, from 2015 to 2020, GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth will continue to work on strategic goals: Entrepreneurship, Social Inclusion, Rural Development, Ecology, Tourism

Organizational structure

Organizational structure of GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth consists of regular members of the Association who manage it directly through the Assembly and through the elected representatives in the Association's bodies. Bodies of the Association are:

• Assembly

• President

• Executive Board, and

• Supervisory board.

The work of the Association is realized primarily through projects. Members of the Association work on projects, as well as external associates, in accordance with the acts of the Association and the decisions of the President of the Association. The work on a project is organized and led by the Project Manager who is appointed and recalled by the President of the Association.

The team of the GTF

Initiative for Sustainable Growth consists of employees, collaborators and volunteers. Besides employees, GTF has a fast growing network of collaborators and consultants through which GTF secures the necessary competence and professionalism in various areas that refer to implementation of the planned project activities.

Mary Ann Rukavina Cipetić Director of GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth

Ana Carević Development Program Manager

Barbara Jarčan Financial Administrator


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