Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable
Entrepreneurship for Youth (RAISE Youth)

In 2017, the NEET rate in the EU-28 was lowest in cities 15.16 % & highest in rural areas 18.9 %. The differences in rates between cities and rural areas were recorded in Croatia, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria where young people (NEETS) are experiencing unemployment as the biggest problem because it directly affects the possibility of independence, future planning, building their own skills and abilities. The problem of high youth unemployment/inactivity in the 4 target countries is particularly persistent in rural areas which face depopulation and lack of development. RAISE’s main challenge is to create a sustainable transnational framework to pilot and promote an innovative “RAISE” model with rural NEETS 25-29 based on experience of the 4 beneficiary countries. Expertise partner from Austria specialized in social entrepreneurship/marketing transnationally will also provide transfer of know-how and good practice. 4 RAISE Centers will be established as training, demonstration and production centers in rural areas facing depopulation. Through intergenerational, mentoring, learning by doing and psychosocial support, at least 2000 NEETS will participate, of which at least 200 will gain (self) employment. RAISE Overall Objective is to contribute to providing decent and productive work for youth through social innovation. Duration of the RAISE project: 01.09.2018. – 31.12.2021. (40 months) The RAISE project is composed of 5 partners: (Leader) GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth (Croatia), Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria), AUR - the National Association of Human Resources Specialists (Romania), CASARRUBUELOS CITY COUNCIL (Spain), FUNDECYT-PCTEX (Spain) and Goodworks Innovation Agency EWIV (Austria). The RAISE project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

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