About us

GTF-Initiative for Sustainable Growth has persevered as the voice of the region for 15 years and continues to play the role of a regional institute for shaping of policies and public advocacy on issues of women entrepreneurship, rural development and gender equality in South East Europe. Its unique combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches (i.e. Sandwich strategy) in many occasions demonstrated the added value that GTF-ISG provides to the region. In the next five years GTF-ISG will play an important role in promoting European integration and contribute to the progress across South Eastern Europe.

GTF-ISG believes in international cooperation with various stakeholders from the public sector, institutions, private sector and civil society and in the mutual transfer of knowledge and experiences with these same stakeholders in order to create strong networks and platforms that have a similar vision and goals.

In the future, GTF-ISG will place special emphasis in its work and activities on the Quadruple Helix, that is, a model in which the state institutions, the academic community, the business sector and citizens work together to create the future and lead the structural changes far beyond the scope of what would one institution, organization or a person achieve alone. This includes the principles of integrated cooperation in order to jointly create shared values and innovative systems.

This model is at its core natural to the work and activities of GTF-ISG and it will only be an upgrade to past experiences and successful work in the use of models where actors from different areas work together on the structural changes.