Explore Lika Mobile Tourist App Developed Within the RAISE Youth Project

In order to promote local business and contribute to the economic growth, RAISE Youth project team created the first travel mobile application that encompasses the entire area of Lika region and simplifies and enhances the travel experience.

Explore Lika is a mobile application offered in two languages for the first-time and returning visitors of Lika region in Croatia. The App gives the user an opportunity to discover natural, cultural and historical heritage of Lika. At the same time, it promotes family farms, service providers, producers, and others and provides all the important information for tourists.


Annual event in Gospić

On December 9th 2021, the Annual Project Event was held in Gospić. The meeting was addressed by: Senior Sector Officer and Contact for the Youth Employment Fund Gretha Haugoy by letter, Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Croatia Homma Latif, Lika-Senj County Prefect Ernest Petry and Deputy Mayor of Gospić Kristina Prša.

Project coordinator Mary Ann Rukavina Cipetić presented the mobile application “Explore Lika” and the web store “Taste Lika”, the Crowdsourcing platform START.CRO, the Smart Farm Aeroponics and announced the possibility of extending the project until 2023.

After the public presentation, the guests visited the RAISE Youth Center in Gospić at Zagrebačka 35.


RAISE Youth Center in Gospić

RAISE Youth Demo Center in Gospić was established with the idea of bringing together experts and NEETs in a welcoming environment.

By offering training and guidance to young people at the critical early stages of starting a business RAISE Team will minimize the chance of their businesses failure. Encouraging youth in creating innovative products, solutions, or services will hopefully have a significant effect on a depopulated area like Lika-Senj County.

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