GTF – Initiative for Sustainable Growth is made up of regular members of the Initiative who direct it through the Assembly and through elected representatives in the bodies of the Initiative.

The bodies of the Initiative are:

• Assembly

• President

• Executive Board

• Supervisory Board





The activities of the Initiative are realized primarily through projects. The staff of the GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth are employees, associates and volunteers. In addition to its staff, GTF-ISG has a constantly growing network of contributors and consultants who provide the necessary expertise in various fields related to the implementation of planned project activities.


Mary Ann Rukavina Cipetić, President of GTF - Initiative for Sustainable Growth

Marina Tomić Škarica, Operation Manager

Kristina Barać, Development Program Manager

Zvonimir Držislav Podravec, RAISE Center Manager

Slavo Grgić, AGRO Manager

Josipa Nikolić, Project associate

Nikolina Alduk, Financial Administrator